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What is LGD-4033?

Popularly known as Ligandrol, LGD-4033 is one of the most in-demand performance enhancing substances in the market these days. Essentially, it is a newly developed selective androgen receptor modulator that largely magnetizes bodybuilders on the lookout to increase muscle mass.

LGD 4033 was made to serve a therapeutic purpose as it recreates the performance of the anabolic hormone, testosterone. This involves addressing the deterioration of the muscles and bones caused by medical conditions like muscle wasting and osteoporosis. But since the supplement has the tendency to grow mass and build bones, it became very popular.

How does LGD-4033 work?

Ligandrol has a unique mechanism of action bearing no similarities with anabolic steroids. Thereby, its effects are comparatively mild and safer on the health of its users. Similar to every SARM, it attaches and activates androgen receptors found in the bones and muscle tissues. Androgens are hormones that have a major contribution in the sexual development of males. And so, its effects favor athletes and mass gainers just as the effects of testosterone.

As LGD-4033 connects to the androgen receptors, it multiplies the efficiency of anabolic activities. This in turn, triggers the growth process of muscles, intensifies strength, and fortifies your bones.

Common Indications/Treatments:

  • Accelerates muscle growth
  • Rises strength and stamina
  • Supports fat loss for definition
  • Strengthens and builds bones
  • Improves mental health and performance
  • Helps with workout fatigue recovery

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