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GenOracle Presents: Nikki Stewart at H.E.A.T Anti-Aging Congress

Friday 18th August, 15:15 - 15:30 @ H.E.A.T, Terrace Room B, The Athenee Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

Introduction to Peptide Therapies

Peptide therapy is quickly becoming the “must have” therapy for Health Optimization.

With the recent popularity of weight loss products like Ozempic it’s no wonder that that interest in peptides is skyrocketing.

Clinical applications go beyond weight loss and can address the most prevalent health issues and symptoms.

Knowing how and when to add peptides to your treatment programs can positively impact patient outcomes and increase engagement in your practice.

About Nikki Stewart

Nikki Stewart is a registered nurse from the United States with over twenty years of experience in intensive care, integrative oncology, and preventative healthcare. She has managed clinics in the United States and in Thailand and is an international consultant for preventative healthcare and longevity programs.

Nikki is certified by the International Peptide Society and helps her clients to achieve optimal health through lifestyle medicine and management of personalized longevity programs.

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